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Galaxy Competition Synthetic 100% - GALAXIE SAE 15W50

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  • 3051
  • Families :PAO ESTERS
  • Synthetic 100%
  • Viscosity :15W50
Synthetic 100% Automobile GALAXIE SAE 15W50


API SN/CF (exceeds the requirements of API SG, API SH, API SJ, SL and SM)

ACEA A3/B4 (exceeds the requirements of ACEA A3/B3)

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
2L can 3051 24 02


Yacco GALAXIE SAE 15W50 is a 100% synthetic PAO & Ester based racing oil.

Yacco GALAXIE SAE 15W50 is a 100% synthetic oil made from synthetic polyalphaolefins (PAO) and ester base oils of a high molecular weight, ensuring optimal lubrication under extreme service conditions.

Recommended for highly stressed sports and grand touring engines used on roads or race tracks. Initially developed for gasoline engines, regardless of whether they are turbocharged or multi-valve, this oil is also suitable for diesel engines. Also suitable for any engine for which the manufacturer recommends the use of SAE 15W50 oil which meets API SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM, SN, ACEA A3/B3 or A3/B4 specifications.

Properties and advantages

Excellent oil film strength at hot temperatures.

Outstanding detergent-dispersant properties.

Maintains the engine’s original level of performance and durability.

Stable oil pressure at hot temperatures.

Effective protection to prevent deposits from forming.

Synthetic esters provide enhanced resistance.