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Semi synthetic - AVX 500 2T

AVX 500 2T

Light planes

  • 3365
  • Semi synthetic
Semi synthetic Light planes AVX 500 2T



Anti-smoke properties

Available packing sizes

  • 2L can
  • 60L barrel


Yacco AVX 500 2T is a semi-synthetic oil for 2 stroke ultralight aircraft engines.

Semi-synthetic formula complies with light and ultralight aircraft engines requirements.

Yacco AVX 500 2T is specifically adapted to lubricate 2 stroke engines equipped with fuel injection systems or carburettor(s), including those used under severe service conditions (training, banner towing, etc.).

Properties and advantages

Excellent anti-smoke performance.

Blue colored.

Enhanced protection against carbon deposits and ring gumming.

Instant miscibility with fuel.

Low pour point for use at very low temperatures.