Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Mineral lubes Mineral - BVX M100 SAE 80W85

BVX M100 SAE 80W85

Gearboxes / beam axles

  • 3422
  • Mineral
  • Viscosity :80W85
Mineral Gearboxes / beam axles  BVX M100 SAE 80W85




AGMA 9005-E02

DIN 51517-3

MAN 341 Type Z-2

MB 235.5 / MB 235.1

ZF TE-ML 02A / 02B / 04F / 06L / 08 / 17A

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
2L can 3422 24 02
60L barrel 3422 10 00


Yacco BVX M100 SAE 80W85 is a mineral oil for manual transmissions.

Yacco BVX M100 SAE 80W85 is formulated for lubrication of manual gearboxes, transfer cases, and drive axles of passenger cars and trucks, where the manufacturer recommends SAE 80W85 grade with API GL-4 and/or MIL-L-2105 is recommended.

Specifically designed for use with lightly loaded parts which are not used intensively, under normal conditions, all year round. This oil may also be used in some industrial reduction gears where ISO VG 100 oil is recommended.

Properties and advantages

Good anti-oxidant, anti-foam and extreme pressure properties.

Non-aggressive towards non-ferrous metals.

Good protection against wear.

Very good stability in service.