Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Automatic transmission fluids - ATF D


Gearboxes / beam axles

  • 3533
 Gearboxes / beam axles  ATF D


GM Dexron II D

MB 236.7

Man 339 type Z1 et V1

Ford Mercon

Allison C-3

Caterpillar TO-2

Ford M2C 166H

Voith H55.6335

ZF TE-ML 04D/11A/14A/17C

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
2L can 3533 24 02
20L barrel 3533 13 00
208L barrel 3533 06 00


Yacco ATF D is an automatic transmission fluid.

Lubricating fluid for automatic transmissions, semi automatic transmissions, torque converters and power steering when ATF Dextron II D is required by the OEM. Suitable for use in older passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, lorries, buses, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, boats, etc.

Properties and advantages

Viscosity suitable for automatic transmission requirements.

High resistance to shear, improving performance in severe service conditions.

Optimized anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties.

Non-aggressive to seals and all materials used in modern transmissions.

Low pour point, meaning good behaviour at low temperatures.