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Sailing / Yachting

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 Sailing / Yachting CARBU-INJEC CLEANER

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
200ML small can 7531


Yacco NETT CARBURATEUR INJECTEUR is a fuel additive.

Specially designed to clean fuel injection air intake systems on gasoline powered cars. Using this fuel treatment on a regular basis helps keep the fuel system clean (carburettor, single-point and multi-point injection systems).

Properties and advantages 

Removes carbon deposits, harmful gums and varnishes that can clog internal passages.

Maintains the efficiency of the idle speed.

Suitable for all types of gasoline engines, with or without a catalytic converter.

Helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% in urban traffic.

Aspiration of Yacco NETT CARBURATEUR INJECTEUR in the fuel inlet before setting the idle speed, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations