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Metalworking fluids Semi synthetic - MULTICOUPE SC



  • 3800
  • Semi synthetic
Semi synthetic Specialities MULTICOUPE SC

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
20L barrel 3800 13 00


Yacco MULTICOUPE SC is a soluble cutting oil / release agent.

Soluble fluid recommended for common machining work involving non ferrous metals (especially copper, copper alloys and free cutting brass) and mild steel.

Recommended mixing: 3 to 7%, diluted in very good quality water.

Due to its characteristics, this product can also be used as a concrete release agent.

It can be sprayed or brushed (undiluted) on moulds.

After release, rinse the moulds with water then apply the product again before reusing.

Properties and advantages

Soluble cutting oil:

Chlorine and nitrite free formula.

Stable and milky emulsion when diluted with water.

Bactericidal agent for excellent stability.

Non-foaming product.

Release agent:

Good coating power, optimised adhesion.

Perfect water solubility for easy cleaning of moulds.

Health and safety

Check the MSDS, which you can either request from us or consult on our website, under OUR PRODUCTS>SPECIALITIES.