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Synthetic brake fluid - RACING BRAKE FLUID

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Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
500ML small can 6250 71 16


Yacco RACING BRAKE FLUID is a 100% synthetic racing brake fluid.

Designed for hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems, except for those which require a silicone based fluid or a mineral hydraulic fluid. Suitable for steel, carbon and ceramic brake discs that require the use of a very high temperature resistant fluid. It can also be used with conventional braking systems in passenger vehicles (cars/motorcycles) where the use of a DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 fluid is recommended.

Properties and advantages

Boiling point above 300°C to resist high temperatures of extreme service conditions (circuits, rallies, raids, etc.).

100% synthetic silicone free fluid compatible with synthetic DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids.

Very low viscosity to ensure an instant response time.

No effect on seals.

Efficient protection against corrosion.

Outstanding thermal stability ensures efficient and reliable operation of brake systems, especially for races (cars/motorcycles).

For optimal efficiency it is recommended the brake circuit be fully drained before using Yacco RACING BRAKE FLUID.