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Hydraulic fluid Synthetic - Yacco DA

Yacco DA


  • 6241
  • Synthetic
Synthetic Specialities Yacco DA


VW TL 52146-T3 (G 004 000/G 002 000)

VOLVO STD 1273.36/1161529

PSA S71 2710 (LDS)

MB 345.0

Porsche 000 043 203 33

MAN M 3289

OPEL GM 1940715/1940766


FENDT X 902.011.622

Chrysler/Dodge/JEEEP MS-11655B

BMW 81 22 9 407 758/82 11 1 468 041/83 29 0 429 576


Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
1L can 6241 25 01


Yacco DA is a synthetic fluid for power steering and hydraulic units.

Yacco DA is a high performance synthetic fluid for power steering and hydraulic units.

It can be used in a wide range of systems: Volkswagen Group power steering systems, electro hydraulic power steering (EHPS) systems and/or hydraulic units from French manufacturers such as Citroën, Peugeot and Renault. It is suitable for manual power steering and suspensions of MAN trucks, and is compatible with other manufacturers: BMW, Chrysler, Fendt, Ford, GM Opel, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.

Do not use in circuits where the manufacturer recommends mineral hydraulic fluid, such as in green painted circuits in certain Citroën vehicles.

Properties and advantages

Particularly stable viscosity in service (100% synthetic fluid means exceptional shear resistance).

Very low pour point ensures hydraulic systems run smoothly even in extremely low temperatures.

Compatible with all materials and seals.

Effective across a wide temperature range: -40°C to +140°C.

Excellent protection against wear.