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Metalworking fluids Semi synthetic - MULTICOUPE 600



  • 3811
  • Semi synthetic
Semi synthetic Specialities MULTICOUPE 600

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
60L barrel 3811 10 00


Yacco MULTICOUPE 600 is a soluble chlorine-free micro-emulsifiable cutting oil.

Emulsifiable metalworking fluid for both ferrous and non ferrous metals, including aluminium and copper alloys.

Particularly suitable for a wide range of machining operations (drilling, sawing, tapping, etc.) with conventional or numerical control machine tools, in particular when both lubrication and cooling properties are required.

Properties and advantages

Formation of a stable micro-emulsion. Always pour and mix the concentrate fluid in water, not in the opposite way.

Enhanced anti-corrosion properties.

Formula free of bore (not classified as S.V.H.C under REACH Regulation) chlorine, formaldehyde releasers and phenol.

Low foaming formula, ideal for high pressures and flow rates in soft or moderately hard water.

Suitable for centralized systems.

Introductions and precautions for use

From 3% to 8%, depending on the difficulty of the machining operation:

Moderate => 5%

Difficult => up to 8%

Rectification => 4 to 6%

Regularly skim lubricating oils floating on the surface of the bath mixture and remove filings, chips and other contaminants.

Periodically check the concentration of the bath mixtures using a refractometer and ensure the concentration remains consistent to ensure effective protection against corrosion and the formation of bacteria.

When stored, it must be protected from freezing and kept at a temperature from 5°C to 40°C.

Like all biocidal products, adapt supply to demand in order to avoid the product having to be stored for long periods of time (recommended use within maximum 12 months after delivery).