Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Transmission lubes Synthetic - YAHYPO PG 220



  • 3520
  • Synthetic
Synthetic Specialities YAHYPO PG 220


ISO 12925-1 CKE category

ANSI/AGMA 9005 E02 (EP)

David Brown S1.53.105 G

Flender AG


Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
20L barrel 3520 13 00
208L barrel 3520 06 00


Yacco YAHYPO PG 220 is a synthetic polyglycol-based gear oil for use in gears and gear reducers.

Specifically developed for gears and worm wheel reducers operating in severe service conditions, such as large temperature variations and high humidity levels.

Properties and advantages

Compared to conventional mineral fluids, the use of YACCO YAHYPO PG offers:

  • A lower friction coefficient and fuel consumption.
  • Excellent wear resistance and extreme pressure properties, providing better protection for industrial gears (on steel to steel contact surfaces).
  • Outstanding thermal and mechanical stability, allowing for longer oil change intervals and reducing maintenance and running costs.
  • Enhanced protection of non ferrous surfaces of worm wheel reducers (on steel to bronze contact surfaces). DO NOT use on aluminium bronze.
  • Water miscibility and increased protection against damage from humidity and corrosion.
  • For optimal protection of parts against corrosion, it is important water does not get into the equipment.

Use with caution

Incompatible with mineral and certain PAO based fluids.

In the event of incorrect use, the circuit must be drained whilst hot and cleaned. The next oil change interval must then be shorter.

Please check compatibility with circuit components (seals, gaskets, paint, etc.). YACCO YAHYPO PG is non aggressive to seal materials, however the use of fluorinated hydrocarbon seals is recommended for use at high temperatures (>100°C).