Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Brake and suspension systems - 70 R

70 R

Transport / Heavy equipment

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 Transport / Heavy equipment 70 R



ISO 4925 Class 4

SA J1703/ J1704


Yacco 70 R is a high viscosity index DOT 4 brake fluid.

This fluid is suitable for disc and drum brakes, as well as for most clutch systems.

It is suitable for use in severe service conditions (where disc brakes reach high temperatures).

Properties and advantages

High boiling point, preventing the formation of vapour locks in the system when the brakes are used intensively.

Miscible with DOT 4 and DOT 3 brake fluids.

Non-aggressive to seals.

High anti-corrosion properties meeting the most stringent requirements.

Precautions for use

DO NOT USE in circuits for which a mineral hydraulic fluid or a silicone brake fluid (DOT 5 standard) is recommended.

Carefully read the label and follow the MSDS instructions

Corrosive to car paint, avoid any contact.