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Gearboxes and beam axles Synthetic 100% - BVX 1000 SAE 75W90

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BVX 1000 SAE 75W90

Transport / Heavy equipment

  • 3402
  • Synthetic 100%
Synthetic 100% Transport / Heavy equipment BVX 1000 SAE 75W90


MAN 341 Typ Z2 /MAN 342 Typ S1 (drive axle oil change up to 500 000km/3 yrs)

MB-Approval MB 235.8

SAE J2360

Volvo 97312

ZF TE-ML 02B/05A/12L/12N/16F/17B, 19C et 21A


API GL-5, GL-4, MT-1


ArvinMeritor 076-N

Detroit Diesel DFS93K219.01

Ford M2C-200C

Mack GO-J

Man 342 typ M3 (< Typ S1)

VW 501.50


Scania STO 2:0A FS /STO 1:1G et STP 1:0 confirmed by Scania

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
1L can 3402 25 01
2L can 3402 24 02
60L barrel 3402 10 00
208L barrel 3402 06 00


Yacco BVX 1000 SAE 75W90 is a 100% synthetic P.A.O based high performance oil for manual transmissions.

For synchronized and unsynchronized transmissions and drive axles used under the most severe conditions. Suitable for passenger cars (including racing vehicles), 4-stroke motorcycles (with separate gearboxes), lorries, construction and agricultural equipment. Developed to ease gear shifting at low temperatures and ensure optimal protection at high temperatures. Helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Properties and advantages

100% synthetic P.A.O based formula maintains stable oil viscosity in service and provides excellent shear resistance.

Outstanding anti wear and extreme pressure properties for enhanced protection of gear components under severe service conditions.

Compatible with all materials and seals.

Helps reduce fuel consumption, meaning less CO2 and exhaust emissions.

Excellent anti-foam properties and very good filterability for improved lubrication.

Its high performance level and wide range of uses mean fewer types of oil are required for gearbox and axle maintenance involving a fleet of vehicles.

Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations and service conditions, it allows for long oil change intervals for the transmissions and rear axles of lorries (up to 500 000 km/3 years).