Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Hydraulic systems - TRANSHYD 8 (HM100)


Transport / Heavy equipment

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 Transport / Heavy equipment TRANSHYD 8 (HM100)


AfnorNF E 48-603 HM100

DIN 51524 part 2 HLP100


Yacco TRANSHYD 8 (HM100) is an anti-wear hydaulic transmission monograde oil.

Yacco TRANSHYD 8 (HM100) is especially designed for hydraulic systems working under severe service conditions. Available in several viscosities to meet OEM requirements and service conditions.

Also suitable for movement precision machinery, machinery lubricated with oil mist, bearings and reducers when the use of an extreme pressure oil is not recommended.

Properties and advantages

High viscosity index.

No shear in service.

Excellent resistance to oxidation and very good thermal stability.

Non aggressive to seals.

Very good filterability with or without water.

Outstanding anti wear, anti corrosion and anti foam properties.

Available for export market only.