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Premium mineral lubes Mineral - XXAS3-14 SAE 50

XXAS3-14 SAE 50

Transport / Heavy equipment

  • 4014
  • Mineral
  • Viscosity :50
Mineral Transport / Heavy equipment  XXAS3-14 SAE 50

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
208L barrel 4014 06 00


Yacco XXAS3-14 SAE 50 is a detergent monograde oil.

Yacco XXAS3-14 SAE 50 is a mineral oil formulated with advanced additive technology to lubricate diesel engines used under normal service conditions. I t offers an outstanding detergency and engine protection for four stroke diesel engines requiring a SAE 50 oil. Also suitable for gasoline engines used under non severe service conditions.

Yacco XXAS3 14 is s uitable for the lubrication of certain gearboxes where the manufacturer recommends a SAE 50 engine oils.

Properties and advantages

Excellent detergent/dispersant properties keep the engine clean.

Enhanced anti wear, anti oxidation, anti corrosion and anti foam properties for optimal protection of the engine.

Good viscosity stability in service.

High TBN (Total Base Number) for optimal engine performance, especially when the fuel used contains a high level of sulphur.

Available for export market only : 20L.