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Upkeep and cleaning

  • 7910
 Upkeep and cleaning CONTACT CLEANER

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
500ML spray 6A 7910 98 97


Yacco CONTACT CLEANER protects and insulates electrical components (circuits, contacts, batteries, etc.).

It removes all residue that may affect electrical contacts.

Properties and advantages

Efficient water repellency: quickly removes water and condensation residue.

Protective action: excellent anti-corrosion properties (parts of marine equipment, corroded batteries, etc.).

Penetrating oil: allows corners and hidden surfaces of parts to be reached.

Dissolves and removes solid build-ups of dirt and grime.

Efficient as preventive or curative treatment for difficult start-up caused by humidity.

Ideal for providing protection in marine environments.

Precautions for use

Before use, read the safety label on the packaging carefully and/or check the Health and Safety Sheet available at

Do not spray into live electrical compartments or on hot parts.