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Upkeep and cleaning

  • 7983
 Upkeep and cleaning CURATIF DIESEL

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
5L can 7983 22 15
250ML small can 7983 77 20


Yacco diesel fuel additive has been specially designed to keep clean the fuel system, the injectors, the valvetrain and the combustion chambers in diesel engines.

Yacco CURATIF DIESEL is suitable for all diesel engines, including those fitted with turbo and direct injection : passenger cars, industrial vehicles/equipment (lorries, generator sets, etc.), construction and agricultural equipment, fishing boats and pleasure boats. It is also suitable for any type of diesel fuel (off-road diesel, domestic fuel oil).

Properties and advantages

Ashless formula improves combustion, reduces pollutant emissions and boosts fuel economy (up to 3% in service).

Significantly reduces black exhaust smoke, as measured by MOT test.

Protects the injection system from rust and corrosion.

Dispersants keeps injectors clean, extending their service life.

Increases the cetane number by 2 to 3 points.

Anti-foaming properties in hydrated and non-hydrated fuel.