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Upkeep - DEGRIPPANT 6 EN 1

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Upkeep and cleaning

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 Upkeep and cleaning DEGRIPPANT 6 EN 1

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
500ML spray 6A 7012 98 97


Yacco DEGRIPPANT 6 EN 1 is a 6-in-1 multi-action lubricant: loosens, protects, lubricates, repels moisture, fights corrosion and removes tar.

Yacco DEGRIPPANT 6 EN 1 is a multipurpose lubricant for curative and preventive use.

Loosens, lubricates, repels moisture, protects from corrosion by leaving a long-lasting protective film and removes tar. Recommended for loosening and lubricating, particularly for equipment which is stored for long periods of time or is exposed to corrosive environments (coastal, marine, etc.).

Also suitable for many uses such as cars, heavy-duty equipment (construction, agriculture, etc.), pleasure boats, motorcycles, industrial equipment, etc.

Properties and advantages

Highly effective formula designed to meet the requirements of the French Navy.

Deep penetrating oil loosens and lubricates.

Excellent protection against corrosion, even in damp environments.

Various additives combined with solvents and specific lubricating base stock ensure effective curative treatment of seized parts.

Anti-wear additives combined with specific lubricating base stock significantly reduce wear on moving parts.

Removes tar on car sills, lorry chassis, trailers, etc. For special paint or fragile surfaces, first test on a hidden spot for colour fastness.

Precautions for use

Before use, carefully read the safety label on the packaging and/or check the Health and Safety Data Sheet available at