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Grease - Graisse GAPL 00

Graisse GAPL 00

Upkeep and cleaning

  • 5621
 Upkeep and cleaning Graisse GAPL 00


Grade N.L.G.I. 00

ISO 6743-9 : ISO-L-XBDHB 00

DIN 51825 : KPF00N-20

DIN 51826 : G00N-20

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
25K keg 5621 33 00


Grease GAPL 00 is a special grease for central lubrication systems.

Grease GAPL 00 is an extreme pressure and anti-wear grease recommended for the lubrication of mechanisms exposed to very severe conditions.

Particularly suitable for the central lubrication systems of vehicles (lorries, and heavy duty construction and agricultural equipment).

Can be used where a thin grease (NLGI 00) is required. Effective between 2020°C and +140 140°C.

Properties and advantages

Lithium grease with enhanced anti wear and extreme pressure properties

High resistance to water washout provides excellent anti rust performance

Good mechanical stability for improved shock.