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Upkeep and cleaning

  • 7993
 Upkeep and cleaning POLI-LUSTRANT

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
500ML spray 6A 7993 98 97


Yacco POLI-LUSTRANT is a polishing wax cream.

Yacco POLI-LUSTRANT is a polishing cream containing wax, shine agents and abrasives. It allows to restore shine and revive colors to faded paints. It does not contain silicone.

Properties and advantages

Specifically designed for automotive paints used on cars, trucks, motorcycles. Also suitable for use on metals like copper, inox, chrome.

This product is not recommended on anodized aluminum.

When applying the cream, it leaves a white film which adheres perfectly to any surfaces. Once polished and cleaned, the surface becomes shiny and looks like new again.

Yacco POLI-LUSTRANT revives colors.

Precautions for use

Keep away from frost. Do not store at a temperature below 5°C.

Not recommended on anodized aluminum.

Container under pressure. Keep away from heat.

Do not use on hot car body or in direct sunlight.